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baby shower

Belly Talks – Baby Shower (寶寶出生前的派對)

After being pregnant, one close friend proposed to organise the baby shower for me after another. That made Mummy V feel really warm and toughed. (Ever year, Mummy V is the one organising her own birthday party and Xmas party! This is really the...

Hypnobirthing Course

Belly Talks – Hypnobirthing Course (催眠分娩)

In my first trimester, Mummy V was unable to talk about labour. Even just listening to the word “labour” would freak me out as it seemed to just associate with PAIN. Before moving to London, I had always thought that I might just choose...

Antenatal Class

Belly Talks – NHS Ante Natal Class

After knowing being pregnant, the first time Mummy V attended her first midwife appointment, she told me that I needed to fill the form and return it if I would like to attend the NHS Ante Natal Class and the class will start around 30 weeks of...

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